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"worth, wellness and worship..."

Rev. Karen Medland and the worship committee believe that worship belongs to all of us. Therefore worship at Carman United Church is varied and involves many members of the congregation offering their gifts and talents. Congregational members of all ages read scripture, take part in dramas, share their life stories and offer their musical gifts and talents.

On Sunday the hymns range from contemporary to ancient. The musical instruments are both ancient and new, from an Irish whistle to jambeau drums. Our choir is award winning and offers a wide range of anthems ably led by our Music Director Lisa Scyner. Media Shout has allowed the congregation to explore how visual media can add life to the service.
Throughout the year we have the occasional intergenerational service and several specially themed services, like the music of Elvis, black history month, and January Jazz.

While we are constantly exploring new avenues of worship, we remember that at the heart of our life together is an ancient story of how God loves the world.Through all that we do on a Sunday morning we seek to connect our lives to the Holy one, and become aware of the living God moving in and among us.

On the first Sunday of every month we celebrate communion. In the United Church we have an open communion table. Everyone is welcome whether they are members of the United Church or not.

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