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We encourage everyone at Carman to think about where they can best use their time and talents. Early in the year, we are usually seeking new members for our many committees, but you can ask to join at any time. Following is a list of the main ones.

Parish Life

This group of ladies is responsible for the delicious treats and beverages enjoyed after the service on Sundays. Throughout the year, they provide light luncheons for special events like our Welcome Back lunch, turkey soup day held in the cold month of February and other celebrations. What better way to foster friendship than over food?


NAMRAC, which is Carman spelled backwards, was formed as an evening UCW group. As the day group aged, the two groups eventually amalgamated. NAMRAC is the main fundraising group at Carman, doing this through the annual turkey dinner, bake sales, the Christmas Country kitchen, garage sales, and the catering of memorial or funeral teas. We often have speakers on interesting topics, or member travelogues. We are always happy to welcome new members from among the women of the congregation.

Pastoral Care

This committee, of several caring members, focuses on the well-being of the congregation, through personal contact, cards to those who are ill or grieving, and services with hymn sings at local nursing and seniors’ homes. In conjunction with Membership and Communications, they also share in the welcome of newcomers and the church picnic.

Membership & Communication

This small committee is responsible for written and sometimes verbal communications among the congregation, as well as the welcoming of new families and visitors. This is done by email or handouts, and sometimes by Sunday morning announcement. Of chief importance in our communication is the large sign that sits at the side of our church on Vedder Road, announcing special services and programs. We also publish a quarterly newsletter and monthly or more frequent events calendars. (refer to the Blog section for updates).


Where would we be without this committee? They plan each upcoming worship service, including scriptures, music, guest participants, audio and visual components and all other aspects of our Sunday services. We are fortunate to have an excellent media shout system, which truly enhances the services. Of course, Reverend Medland is a key contributor to this committee.

Music Ministry

Our award winning choir, is led by music director Lisa Scyner, who is a fantastic singer in her own right, but also plays piano and organ for our Sunday services. Lots of talent in this group, but more are always welcome.
We also have a men’s ‘occasional’ choir , under the direction of Malcolm Olsen, himself a frequent pianist during the services. He is also gifted with a lovely solo voice and does a wonderful job of creating beautiful harmony within this large group of mainly self-professed ‘non singers’.


Known as ‘The Sound Guys” this group of three men and a lady, make the services special, projecting on our big screen, and making the music sound glorious. We also have aids for the hard of hearing. The sound is also piped into the nursery for the benefit of Moms and volunteers.

Men’s Breakfast Club

Strictly of a social nature, this group meets on the last Saturday of the month at a local restaurant where they enjoy breakfast and fellowship. On the following day, they handle the beverages and snacks after service. These men also hold an annual Breakfast with Santa, pancake meal complete with the big guy present for picture taking and handing out of candy canes.


This busy committee strive to help those beyond Carman, with funding and help, such as preparing and serving dinners at the Ruth and Naomi Mission. They raise funds through donations from the congregation, the monthly “birthday box”, and a fabulous project called “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?” in which unknown hosts prepare a meal in their homes for surprise guests who pay for the privilege. Funds are directed to the above mission, to First United in Vancouver, Community services, children of Mexico and other projects chosen by the committee. As well, many Carmanites serve the Chilliwack community in other volunteer positions. One couple works diligently at collecting and delivering clothing, food and personal items to those served by First United in Vancouver.

Faith Formation and Christian Education (F.F.A.C.E.)

An important committee which oversees the Sunday School, Nursery, Bible Studies, and other adult studies. The annual Christmas Pageant is planned in conjunction with Worship. The committee holds a summer vacation bible school which is a delight to all those who participate.


Holders of the purse strings, the Finance committee does the money worrying for all of the other committees. Each committee has a yearly budget and these folks see that they stick to it. They also prepare the monthly financial reports, both incoming and outgoing, and try to keep us on track with our finances. Weekly counters handle the “coin” and a separate individual keeps track of the offering of each church member, so that this person is the only individual who knows who gives what! Offering envelopes are available to anyone who attends the services on a regular basis.


One or two persons who represent our church at Fraser Valley district meetings of the United Church of Canada, then report back to Council or the congregation. This is a heavy duty job, requiring patience and the ability to understand what are often complex issues.

Carman Cemetery Committee is a stand- alone group who oversees all matters pertaining to the management of our cemetery on Promontory Road.

Property Committee sees that the building is kept in good repair, as well as overseeing matters of cleaning, caretaking, security, and those jobs that make Carman a healthy and safe place to be.

Ministry and Personnel oversees matters pertaining to salaried and hourly employees, as well as those under contract to the church.

COUNCIL is made up of representatives from the above committees, who meet monthly throughout the year, to discuss all matters pertaining to the business of running the church. Committee chairs submit reports, which are discussed and voted on if necessary. All in all, an amicable team who keeps the church running smoothly, on target, and within its financial means.

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